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In February 2017 the Cascade Medical Team went on its 22nd mission to Guatemala. Since 2002, working with HELPS International, CMT has treated nearly 28,000 rural Guatemalan’s who are primarily of Mayan heritage. It’s Community Development team has installed in homes and schools over 2500 ONIL highly efficient wood burning stoves and over 1000 water filters. The stoves have eliminated the presence of toxic smoke in the homes, significantly reducing the incidence of respiratory and eye ailments. These stoves have also reduced the consumption of firewood by over 70%s, lowering the amount of labor, cost and environmental impact related to the gathering of wood. The ONIL water filters have provided a source of clean water in a region where most sources are contaminated.



Medical Team

In 2016 the team bussed eight hours to San Miguel Ixtahuacán, a remote and rugged area in western Guatemala. At a recently built but unstaffed hospital—and on outreach throughout the region— volunteers treated over 1,500 patients and trained 20 comadronas (midwives). Many lives were touched, including a 17-year-old “tongue-tied” boy whose future has been brightened by a simple medical procedure.


 Community Development Team

The “stovers” ventured to the community of Mush Nan where they installed water filters and highly efficient stoves in 88 homes and one school. These efforts impacted over 800 people including the woman in this video. She had been cooking on a three-stone fire on the ground her entire life.