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Board of Directors

Purpose of the CMT Board of Directors
The Cascade Medical Team Board of Directors exists to support the Cascade Medical Team, raising funds and promoting public awareness of the team’s activities and mission.

Annually the Board organizes an annual fund-raising campaign; events held throughout the year; plus donations from individuals, businesses and other charitable foundations.

Like the medical team it supports, the CMT Board is an all-volunteer organization. All donations it receives are put to work promoting the team’s healthcare mission and community development projects in Guatemala.

Our Mission Statement
The purpose of the Cascade Medical Team Board of Directors is to transform lives, primarily through financial support of the Cascade Medical Team(CMT). The CMT Board may also support other projects and partnerships abroad that further this mission.

The CMT changes lives by offering vital medical services to the poor. It is comprised of regional health care providers and community volunteers who work in alliance with Helps International to provide essential medical services to the indigenous Mayans of the Guatemalan highlands. Also in affiliation with Helps International, the CMT initiates and supports community development projects that reduce poverty, transform lives and empower communities in Guatemala.

The CMT Board and CMT change the lives of our volunteers by creating opportunities for personal growth. Also, volunteers gain the passion, knowledge, and experience to be effective social entrepreneurs in their own communities.

How can you help?
– Explore volunteer opportunities in Guatemala with the Cascade Medical Team.

– Tell us how you can put your unique skills and resources to work supporting the Team! We are looking for people with the heart and commitment to change lives!

– Tax deductible contributions are gratefully appreciated and may be sent to:

Cascade Medical Team
A 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization
1574 Coburg Road, Ste-168
Eugene, OR 97401-4802

Or Donations may be made securely clicking the Donate button:

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Our Board of Directors, 2018-20

President – Stan Turner

Secretary – Allison Walker

Treasurer – Margie Groshong

Other Board Members:
Amy Adams-Schauer
Cristin Babcock, MD
Phillip Groshong
Jane Kammerzelt
Eliza Masters
Robert Orlando
Tamra Orlando
Dennis Schuelke, MD
Cassandra Stiff
Judie Tarlow