Our Story


The Cascade Medical Team was established in 2001-2002 by a group of healthcare professionals in Oregon. Our first medical mission was launched in 2002. We are just one of several medical teams, dispatched to Guatemala annually through our affiliate, HELPS International. Our teams range in size from 80-100 volunteers. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

In 2005, we incorporated the Community Development team (CDT), also referred to as our “construction” or “stove” team. These range in size from 12-18 volunteers. Each year, we attach a CDT to our medical team and send a separate CDT in November. These volunteers have the privilege of installing the ONIL wood-burning stoves and water filters in the indigenous dwellings of the Mayans thus providing economic and health advantages along with a positive impact on the environment (reducing deforestation).

Cascade Medical Team logo
Missions Accomplished:
2002 Playa Grande
2003 Barrillas
2004 Sololá (Government hospital)
2005 Sololá (Government hospital)
2006 Sololá (UVG site)
2007 Sololá (UVG site)
2008 Sololá (UVG site)
2009 Sololá (UVG site)
2010 Sololá (UVG site)
2011 Sololá (UVG site)
2011 Tejutla (Hospilito Roppe)
2012 Feb/ Sololá (Intervida Site)
2012 June/ Sololá (Intervida Site)
2013 Feb/ Sololá (Intervida Site)
2013 June Sololá (Intervida Site)
2014 Feb/ Sololá (Intervida Site)
2014 June/ Sololá (Intervida Site)
2015 Feb/ Sololá (Intervida Site)
2015 November Stove Team
2016 Feb/ San Miguel Ixtahuacán
2016 November Stove Team
2017 Feb/ San Miguel Ixtahuacán
2017 November Stove Team
2018 Feb/ Santa Cruz del Quiché
2018 November Stove Team
2019 Feb/ Santa Cruz del Quiché
2019 November Stove Team
2020 March/ Santa Cruz del Quiché
2022 March/ Santa Cruz del Quiché
2022 November Stove Team
2023 March/ Santa Cruz del Quiché


HELPS International

Steve Miller and Paul Townsend founded HELPS International in 1984 during the devastating civil war in Guatemala. HELPS believes in a world of liberty, stability and personal opportunity. To achieve these goals, HELPS integrates healthcare, education, economic development and home transformation into their programs. HELPS strives for permanent change in communities through its programs and promotes mutual respect, responsibility and partnership with the local infrastructures. This integrated approach ensures cohesiveness in cultural, medical, spiritual and economic affairs of the rural indigenous population.

Team Leadership

Robert Orlando — Team Leader and Board member
Robert has been leading the Cascade Medical Team since 2006. He has been self-employed for much of his career as a logging contractor. He recently retired from logging but continues to invest his time in other volunteer pursuits. His passion and dedication to CMT provides solid leadership along with determination to accomplish the annual team goals.

Tamra Orlando — Co-Leader and Board member
Tamra has been assisting her husband with the team leadership responsibilities since 2006. She is currently employed at a local community hospital as a PACU RN. Besides participating on numerous missions with CMT, she has also been to the Dominican Republic on five separate medical missions with a different organization. Her compassion for the medically underserved enables her to utilize her nursing skills and knowledge to achieve personal aspirations.

Judie Tarlow — CDT facilitator, November Team leader, and Board member
Judie coordinates the volunteers and oversees the installation of the ONIL energy efficient stoves and water filters in the homes and schools of the indigenous population. The CDT works in conjunction with the medical team in the winter as well as a separate team in November. A retired teacher, Judie has been installing stoves since 2005. She is a member of The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, and a passionate advocate for safe cooking stoves and empowering women. Judie works tirelessly to raise funds to enable the team to continue this vital work.